Solar Energy & Commercial Real Estate 

Solar energy panels

There is a growing intersection between solar energy and commercial real estate. For landlords, the use of a solar photovoltaic array (PV) is an excellent solution for bolstering cash flow. Commercial buildings that may have substantial energy consumption costs may benefit significantly from the installation of a PV system. Consider that when a solar PV […]

How COVID Transformed Life Sciences Real Estate

Picture of COVID close up

Few things have had as much of an impact during our lifetimes than COVID-19. This global pandemic affected people’s health, the economy, jobs, and even commercial real estate. Additionally, COVID transformed life sciences real estate in novel ways that provide stakeholders with more opportunities for growth and development. Sunridge Legal understands how commercial real estate […]

Why Building Developers Love Life Science

Building developers love life science companies. Sunridge Legal breaks down all of the benefits of betting on life science companies in commercial real estate.

When investing in commercial spaces, building owners and landlords have various options of industries to attempt to attract. Some types of tenant companies are more coveted than others. As of late, building developers seem to love life science companies. Life science companies include biotechnology, environmental and biomedical devices, biomedical technology, pharmaceuticals, and more. The needs […]