Understanding Indemnification Clauses 

Indemnification clauses can shield a business from the financial burdens of a lawsuit.

Businesses have much to consider as they go about their regular operations. Legal suits are one of the biggest concerns because of the negative financial and legal repercussions they can bring. Not only can a legal challenge be detrimental to a business’s reputation and impart substantial financial burdens, but lawsuits can also impair or even […]

Types Of Contract Clauses

Understanding the different types of contract clauses can be confusing. Click here to learn more.

A contract is defined by an agreement between private parties that creates mutual obligations that are enforced by law. Contracts legally define the relationship between the parties, such as roles, responsibilities, compensation, and other components of the relationship. A contract is composed of specific clauses that clarify these relationships. The different types of contract clauses […]

Business Owners & Piercing the Corporate Veil

Business owners negotiating an agreement

Business owners can take advantage of various corporate structures that protect them from personal liabilities when owning a business. However, a term referred to as “piercing the corporate veil” can restrict this protection. An experienced business lawyer with Sunridge Legal can explain this complex topic and devise ways to protect your legal and financial rights, […]

Understanding Mezzanine Financing

Financing documents with binder that states financing on it.

Commercial real estate investors and businesses may rely on a variety of lending structures to invest and develop properties and their operations. One such structure is mezzanine financing, which sometimes fills a gap between traditional financing and equity. The experienced and dedicated commercial real estate lawyers at Sunridge Legal can help explain mezzanine financing and […]